Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Clearing up some myths about Charles Manson

AC had some very informative points (as always) in her most recent comment.
I didn't want her comment to be missed, so I thought she warranted her own her own post:

From AC:
"As you will see from the picture of him standing with me, Charles is now about 5'4".

Charles is about an inch taller, and I am 5"3". We were both wearing sandals with no heel. He has, according to friends that've known him for a long time, shrunk a bit with age, as everyone does when they get older. Perhaps he's wearing boots in the D/L photo.

"Who cares?" you may ask. Well, as Flora points out, when there's one factual error, there might be more.

Bugliosi FINALLY admitted that Charles has always had an environmental platform, in his latest interview.

Regarding the recent rumors:

No, inmates are not running an autograph mill in PHU. Nobody wants the trouble that would cause. People on the outside sometimes sell things that Charles has sent to them.

No, other inmates aren't threatening Charles, beating on him, etc. Cons occasionally steal from him. They steal from everybody else, too. If anyone was hurting Charles, I'm certain that Hook would mention it.

Charles is not in the Aryan Brotherhood. There are several AB dropouts in PHU. There are also high-level Mexican Mafia and other gangstas. Charles has not been ever involved in any "gang activity". He has no gang affiliations on his profile. The one fight in the unit was over a guy turning a fan on another guy during dinner, last year. Charles was outdoors at the time.

Charles isn't hiding in his cell, or confined. He likes to sit alone and play music, draw, compose, write poetry, and write letters. He also likes company once in a while, and plays cards, chess and music with the other inmates. He was put into the SHU in '07 for owning a sewing awl that some over-zealous C.O. construed as a weapon. Not for protection. Charles doesn't need to hide from other prisoners. Everyone gets along pretty well in PHU. He likes solitude occasionally. You would too, if you had to hang out with the same 29 guys every day.

Charles does not have prostate or any other cancer. He's fine. He has Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease, which is what happens when you smoke unfiltered cigarettes for 50 years. This condition is exacerbated by reactions to cleaning chemicals and normal dust, which isn't filtered well in the prison's air system. He has breathing treatments PRN.

As the 40th Anniversary of the Unfortunate Incidents looms, there will be more lies from the press and the prosecutor, who have to sell ad space somehow."


  1. what kind of cigarettes does he smoke?

  2. What the fuck is wrong with you glorifing a con? Desperately lonely or what? Desperately ugly I can see from the pic!!!

  3. Hey Anonymous, Get a fucking life douchbag! You brainwashed fucking hearder! Glorifing & setting the record straight are two different things but you're too fucking retarded to know the difference. You fucking coward, disrespect my Ace without hiding your name BITCH run your fucking mouth when you don't know anything other than what the media has fed your pea sized brain so go sit in a corner & continue to wish you had a life you sack of shit!

  4. ALIKEN,
    While I do agree with you, I know you could get your points across without resorting to foul language as the previous poster did. I just noticed Anon's post & I was not entirely sure how it should be addressed. I know AC is a tough cookie. I'm sure it didn't even phase her in the least bit.

    I'd like to leave the blog open to everyone's comments. Let's try to agree to disagree with civility and avoid personal attacks.

    AC was kind enough to share her knowledge. There's absolutely no reason to attack her. She and ALIKEN are correct, authors and the media have significantly distorted the truth.

  5. Charles does not smoke cigarettes any longer as he was diagnosed with COPD, and anyhow, that's illegal in any public building in CA, including Department of Corrections buildings. I've heard the saying, "White men smoke Camels on Charlie's yard", so I am assuming that was his brand of choice.

    Anon: Yup, I'm ugly, but I surely get laid much more frequently than you.

    Aliken: Will you marry me??? :-) J/K!

  6. How was Manson diagnosed? A doctor? Where did he get the money for a doctor, does he have health insurance or is it that "society" pays for his medical care? We all know that we pay for the food he eats, should just hand him the garbage can for his meal, make him feel at home, huh?

  7. Since this is America, and not Afghanistan or somewhere ghastly, we are obligated to treat our prisoners humanely, so OF COURSE they see doctors.

    Since we aren't so kind to our homeless, some of them still must eat out of garbage cans, yes.

    Ironic that prisoners aren't allowed to make money on their art and music, or participate in businesses, then are criticized for utilizing public funds. Charles made $70K in royalties that was taken for restitution. That is prolly more money than you earned last year, eh?

  8. Lethal injection is the humane way to treat murderers. Using it about a thousand times in one year would clear out deathrow and the murderers from population.

  9. Ignorance is bliss.....If I could though, I don't think I would return to their regularly scheduled program. No's much nicer here, in the truth. Grow a pair if your going to post something Mr. ANON!!!!

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  11. Does Charles Manson use shampoo?? I've never seen a 76 year old man with a head full of hair that thick.

  12. "Unfortunate incidents" how can you sugar coat the ruthless slaughter of 7 unique, indiviual souls that way? If it were 7 trees burned by vandals you would put a darker spin on it. You were probably not alive when the "unfortunate incidents" occured, I was. There was a baby that would be in his 40s now with a life lived and more to come. He never got a chance to even take a breath, share his music, art and poetry or even sit quietly. Atleast call it what it is no matter who you believe committed the slaughter.

  13. Hey, Anonymous #1, how do you know that this baby that would be in his 40s today would have made music, art, or poetry? What if he turned out to be a "bad" person instead of this artist that you're imagining?

  14. blah blah blah.

    Justice is served Manson & associates Jailed for life and Roman Polanski's (a convicted pedophile) wife and child are not subjected to life with him.

  15. Why not reserve your time and support for someone that deserves it rather then a manipulative savage who ruined lives.
    You are correct, He was never a member of The AB as they refused him entry on the grounds he would not attack a black inmate (allegedly because he wouldn't attack anyone because of their Colour, stretching reality coming from a racist, scared of fighting another man more likely), secondly, his followers killed women and Children which in the early 70s was against AB policy and thirdly because he just was not strong enough or smart enough. The Aryan Brotherhood gave him protection as long as he could get his girls to deliver drugs and Buck knives to them in San Quentin.
    Manson is just another misogynistic, racist asshole who couldn't handle rejection. There was no place for him in a real man's world so he created a Family of weak misfits, undesirables and the criminally insane.
    Coward, simple as that.

  16. BAHAHA!! The anon fucks are bloody splendid! What surprurb opinions and passionate responses for those who remain virtually silent to the internet from lack of ability to create a fucking profile. I don't care who you are or what you think: if you argue as an anonymous guest as on a blog and don't realize how pathetic your statement looks to all that reads it you obviously need to go to your local animal shelter and adopt an animal.

    1. One, that was the most stupid attempt at trying to bitch someone out. Two, you posted as anonymous didn't you? Jackass. Must be one of the dipshits who follow Manson and praise him. Anyway... He's just a skinny old fuck now that should be dead within the next 3 years. He's a waste of space on Earth and taxpayers money. Charles never was scary, and only the dumb-minded followed what he said, even though you could barely understand what the drugged up psychopath was trying to talk about anyway. He isn't smart, he's not tough and he's not a role model. Want a role model? Look up to people who actually matter and make differences in life. Have fun in jail Manson. You will be forgotten when you're pathetic ass is dead, and I will have a smile on my face knowing a scum like you is gone.

  17. manson would slaughtered you maybe if you were in cielo drive that night. you admirer someone who raped a 13 year old boy with a razor? thinks hes jesus christ. and is basically insane. i have a friend on fb who got a letter from manson. now he is talking about hes fantasies to become the "new manson of ireland". how is this positve in any way? while this whole case is fascinating. so was the holocaust. but would you want a selfie taken with hitler?